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It's a sad fact that many dogs in this country are overweight. In many cases, the owners don't realise their dog is overweight, or are reluctant to remedy the problem, perhaps thinking it's not that important. However, it is extremely important.

Obesity in dogs can cause early aging and general health & fitness problems. Many dogs that are overweight struggle to enjoy a normal level of exercise. Often the owners think this is because the dog is getting older, or no longer a puppy, or other medical problems are the cause. However, in many cases it is the obesity itself that is restricting the dog's ability to lead a normal, active life.

We have seen dogs who visit the pool, lose weight through swimming, in conjunction with a food restriction programme. More often than not, these dogs have not only increased their stamina & enjoyment in the pool but also on walks, enjoying much more exercise.

If you are in any doubt whether your dog is overweight, check out the Canine Body Condition System. Score your dog honestly! If it scores higher than a 5, think seriously about how much food and treats you give him or her. You may also like to visit your veterinary surgery so they can check your dog's weight, and confirm if a diet is required. Many veterinary surgeries run obesity clinics, and many of these are free of charge.

Keeping our dogs as fit & healthy as possible is our responsibility as owners.

The Body Condition System document is produced with the kind permission of the Nestle Purina Petcare company.

The Body Condition System pdf file ....

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