Reef (take me home)
Swimming Pool for Dogs Southampton, Hampshire
DoggyPaddle Swimming Pool for Dogs is owned by Lynn & Mark Sheridan. Lynn is responsible for the day to day running of the pool, and Mark is in charge of maintenance and is the chief pool cleaner, as well as running his own building business. He has also been known to slip into a wetsuit to swim dogs from time to time. Tia
Jade Lynn & Mark have always loved dogs, owning their first Border Collie, Jadie, about 15 years ago. Lynn & Jadie did agility together, and Jadie won into Senior level by the age of about 4 years. Sadly, she suffered a back injury shortly afterwards, and although with the help of hydrotherapy, she made a full recovery and continued to thoroughly enjoy her agility, she was never quite as fast again. This was Lynn & Mark's first introduction to the benefits of canine hydrotherapy and inspired them to open the pool. Sadly Jadie passed away in 2005, and is still greatly missed.
They have 4 more collies, Ice, Tia, Breeze & Reef, the puppy. The 3 adult dogs all do agility, although Ice & Tia will probably retire from full competition soon, Ice through old age and Tia because she has had major heart surgery and has a slight breathing problem, which means she is starting to find it a little bit harder, although she still loves it. Hopefully Reef will also enjoy the sport, when he is old enough to do it. ICE
Lynn also enjoys photography and is responsible for most of the photos on the website. Her love of dogs means she enjoys photographing dogs doing anything, but particularly agility, combining all her loves in one.
Reef at 6 months
You can see more of Lynn's pictures at by clicking here Updated (Nov 2006)
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