Swimming Pool for Dogs Southampton, Hampshire

The Pool

We have a 30' x 15' large heated pool, with non-slip ramp and step access,and an adjustable swim jet. The pool is predominantly ozone and bromine treated, which makes it generally more pleasant than a traditional chlorine treated pool.We test our water at least 3 times a day, to ensure it is always suitable for swimming.We have canine bouyancy aids, leads collars and dog toys, everything you and your dogs need for an enjoyable swim.



We have two purpose built, heated dog showers, for use before and after swimming. We also have drying tables and a blaster (50p for 10 minutes), to make it easier to dry your dogs before you leave.

Shower Area
For the Human Visitors!

Free tea and coffee is available, on a do-it-yourself basis. There is a viewing window through to the pool from the office area, so you can enjoy watching other visitors, while you relax in the dry, with a cuppa, before or after your appointment. We also have a toilet and shower room, for your comfort and convenience.
Shower before and after your swim
Our aim is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for you and your dogs,
whilst your dogs enjoy the numerous benefits of warm water swimming.
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