Swimming Pool for Dogs Southampton, Hampshire


How to Book

Booking is simple just:
Phone us on 023 8040 4455 or
email your request to Lynn@DoggyPaddle.co.uk
If we are not able to take your call ( we could be in the water )
please leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Opening Days & hours are currently:

Tuesday 10am - 9pm
Wednesday 10am - 1pm
Thursday 10am - 9pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm

Hours are subject to availability

These dogs will have exclusive use of the pool for up to 1/2 hour.

One dog     £26
Two dogs    £30 (£15 per dog)
Three dogs  £34 (£11.35 per dog)
Four dogs    £38 (£9.50 per dog)

We start with a short course of 3 sessions, payable on the first session, then you just pay as you go after the 3 sessions.
We are unable to take payment by card or bank transfer, so payment needs to be by cash or cheque.
Blaster ( dryer )
The blaster is available at a cost of 50p for 10 minutes usage.

As it is often difficult to fill bookings at short notice, a charge of the minimum session price of £20 will be payable for cancellations giving less than 24 hours notice. For cancellations giving between 24 hours and 3 days notice, half of the minimum session fee will be payable (£13).

If I am able to rebook any cancelled sessions, no payment will be due.

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