Swimming Pool for Dogs Southampton, Hampshire

Are you looking for a friendly, purpose-built luxury environment to swim your dogs?
If so, DoggyPaddle canine hydrotherapy pool is the place for you.

Whether for fun, fitness, pre- or post-operative exercise, weight-loss or to benefit long-term conditions, your dogs are welcome at DoggyPaddle. Swimming is excellent exercise because it involves the use of almost all of the muscles required for movement, without the concussive stresses of walking or running. Also, because water resistance is greater than air resistance, the muscles have to work harder.

Our beautiful 30' x 15' pool has both ramp and step access. A hydrotherapist is in the water with your dog, to ensure they get the best swim possible. The water is heated for optimum comfort and physical benefit, and an adjustable swim jet offers resistance swimming, if required.

Our aim is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for you and your dogs, while they enjoy the numerous benefits of warm-water swimming.


Certificated ABC Level 3  in Hydrotherapy for small animals

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Beatuiful holiday cottage in France for you and your dogs
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